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Wedding Table Set


Feed any size group - your next birthday party or your local soccer team. Events aren't One Size Fits All and neither are we. Breakfast or Lunch we can do it. Check out our example Catering Menu and get an idea of something we done. Then Contact Us so we can get to know you and your needs so we can set up your next catering event.

Beacon Cafe's Breakfast Tacos


We would love to cater for your event. Small Groups, Big Groups and everything in between. Take a look below to see a sample menu featuring some of the things we have done. We would love to do that and more... We understand that all events aren't the same and would love to make the food you want for your special event.

Contact Us with Questions & More Details.

For catering inquiries, contact Chef Christie Murrell

817-809-8606 //

Thanks for submitting!

Beacon Cafe Ham & Cheese Sandwiches
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