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Eats beat: Beacon is attracting a lot of attention

Beacon Cafe would be fun anywhere. But at the edge of a small airport, with planes taxiing past the dining-room window, the Beacon offers breakfasts or burgers with a view.
The tiny cafe on the Hicks Field runway has always been known as a secret back-road burger hangout between Haslet and Saginaw. The lunch menu offers familiar half-pound burgers and a signature grilled-jalapeño patty melt.

-Bud Kennedy, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Review - Hicks Airfield

Christie Bingham told the Star-Telegram’s Bud Kennedy recently that she expected the business to come mostly from the airport, but it turned out that people were looking for a new restaurant in the area. It’s the kind of place you find out about via word of mouth — and yet it’s shaping up to be the Binghams’ most successful effort yet.

On our visits, it became clear why: This friendly, unpretentious little cafe is all about the basics — but it does the basics very well.

-Robert Philpot,,@rphilpot

Beacon Café Takes off

For a lot of restaurants, establishing a theme means quirky staff uniforms or décor. Not for the Beacon Café & Country Store. This two-year-old North Fort Worth breakfast and lunch eatery gets its unique charm from its location: right next to Hicks Airfield.

There’s not much to the place. The Beacon is just a small freestanding building filled with a mishmash of booths and tables. There are also picnic tables out front. The parking lot is huge, accommodating both cars and airplanes, and the conversations tend to be lively and about flying. And food.

The Beacon Breakfast — two each of pancakes, eggs, and sausage patties (or bacon) — came out piping hot. The hand-formed patties were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Their not-so-subtle but welcome kick came from ample red pepper flakes and ground pepper. The eggs, sunny-side up, had been cooked to perfection. The Beacon isn’t reinventing breakfast or lunch, but the food is excellent and the staff good-natured and willing to please. The chef made the rounds, checking in with diners, and servers poured to-go coffee refills. A safety measure, for sure: Who wants to fly with under-caffeinated pilots?

- Edward Brown, Fort Worth Weekly

Fort Worth Weekly

Top 5 Burgers 2011

Hefty enough for two, but you won’t want to share: The aptly named Extreme Burger is made with fresh-ground beef and topped with two cheeses, real bacon, and fresh-from-the-farmers-market portobello, avocado, lettuce, and tomato. 

-Fort Worth Weekly, September 26, 2011

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"Best kept secret in Fort Worth. Whatever you do, treat yourself to a pineapple upside down pancake. It is amazing!!!"

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